Our goal reached in 24 hours!

With 19 minutes to go on our first day we got the happy news that our campaign is 100% funded! Thank you all backers and fans that made this possible. Like always this is only the (fabled) beginning and we’ll try to make this product as good as we can with all your support. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/faegames/fabled-beginnings-cake-trouble

Our new Feywild adventure is live!

The next installment of Fabled Beginnings is live. Hopefully in 30 days we can look back at another successful Kickstarter thanks to you. Follow along with updates about locations, NPCs, and general whimsicality. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/faegames/fabled-beginnings-cake-trouble This time Fabled Beginnings will take you to the Feywild. It all starts with a lovely lunch in the forest with

Pre-launch page for Cake Trouble live!

We’re getting ready to launch the campaign for our next installment in the Fabled Beginnings universe. This time a level 1-3 party will visit the Feywild. Expect stealing bunnies, a huge cake, and… bureaucracy? Click the image below to visit our pre-launch page on Kickstarter.

You voted: Where to next?

Hi all! 88% of you have already answered the survey for the Mechanical Mayhem Kickstarter, so it’s time to share some results: You also voted for where to next with Fabled Beginnings: That means the Feywild is clearly the winner. Expect the next adventure to go wild and whimsical. See below for a sneak preview.

We did it!

Fabled Beginnings: Mechanical Mayhem is our fourth successful Kickstarter, but each time it’s a hit of adrenaline! Time to celebrate together that soon everyone here can dive into the astral sea on their own adventure. So what’s next?

Mechanical Mayhem has launched

First project of 2024 is a go! Learn more at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/faegames/fabled-beginnings-mechanical-mayhem Bored of having your players meet in an inn? Tired of having them beat up kobolds and goblins until level 3? If only sending them to hell and back wouldn’t kill them… Why keep interplanar travel only for high level adventures? Fabled Beginnings is

Fabled Battles and Warfare is now on sale

The long wait is over. Everyone can now get their hands on a copy of our latest product. To celebrate its release it will be on sale throughout December! Buy the PDF here or go for a hardcover here. You’ve seen it in countless movies. Heroic armies charging towards each other, heroes scaling the walls

Just Launched: Fabled Battles & Warfare!

Hi all, We’re excited to announce that FAE Games just launched a new Kickstarter: Fabled Battles & Warfare. If you like to crush your enemies on the battlefield, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women, check out this war manual for D&D & Pathfinder. See you on the battlefield, Stephan