Hear ye, hear ye, bear witness to Stephan, traveller of many worlds, creator of some. When not lost in the multiverse you can contact him at stephan@faegames.com.
A bard for hire who writes epics for Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop RPGs. He specialises in the wild and whimsical, and is guilty of owning too many editions of Alice in Wonderland.

The hero of the story
The hero of our story

Before starting the fellowship of FAE Games, he released two fantasy books independently together with a host of short stories. After that he felt compelled to combine the visual flair of RPGs with the storytelling of fantasy. And so he started his quest to gather all the wizards on the Dutch coast to rival those in America. So far he lead the charge on two successful Kickstarters which resulted in the two adventure books below.

Next to writing he’s also experienced in programming, IT management, editing, graphic design, and logistics. You can find his many exploits below, some based on reality, some ever so slightly exaggerated.

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