Our new webshop is open!

In celebration of the opening of our new webshop we’ll also give a 10% discount on any purchase made until 16-9-2022 23:59. Use the code OPENING22 at the checkout. Thank you for being our valued customer.

The truck is on its way

Hi all, As the title says, the most important news of the month is that the books are printed and loaded into a truck and on route to us. Its perilous journey will take it across mountains, swamps, and the German autobahn. They’re expected to arrive around 1st of September, so we’ll have another update,

Locking down addresses!

I repeat: We’re locking the addresses. Batten down the hatches and prepare for a bumpy ride!  What does this mean? As the printing is nearly done and we’re moving to fulfilment, we can’t allow people to change their address anymore. You’ll receive an e-mail later today that BackerKit will lock the addresses after which you’ll

PDFs are here!

Hi all, good news; the PDFs are available for download. The mail about your new digital content from BackerKit should be waiting in your inboxes right… now! As promised we added additional content to the book. You can now check out the additional subclasses, oneshots, and the ecology of Spice Dragons. Print files We’re waiting

Print files and shipping fees

Hi all, a lot has happened during these last weeks that we want to share with you. Shipping fees Most of you have paid their fees, many thanks to you! To those where there was an issue during the credit card charge, please check your credit card information as we’ll try to charge these fees

New preview and increased shipping costs

Hi all, some good and some bad news in this update. Let’s get the bad news out of the way. Increased shipping costs Unfortunately the rising gas prices have also reached the logistics chain. It’s more expensive to get the books to the UK and EU warehouses and it’s more expensive to get them into

Book preview available!

As mentioned in the previous update, it took a bit longer, but the first version of the PDF should be available via BackerKit. You should automatically receive an e-mail from BackerKit that New Digital Content is available. What to expect from this version This is of course not the final version, so what should be

March update

Hi all, it’s already the end of the month. Time for the latest news on this project. Book preview We’ve been working in the past month on the print files and actually hoped to have a text-only preview ready for you by this update, while we wait on a few more art pieces but it’s going

February update

Hi all, Last day of the month already! Almost seems like some pixies stole a few. Spring is almost there in Sutradain! More and more fresh flower buds are appearing on the many branches of the Mother and Daughter trees. Floral decorations are an important part of seelie fashion, so everyone is elated to see

January update

Hi all, as the Washed seelie wake up the last stragglers from this winter’s solstice festivities with an ice-cold water spray, we are looking forward to what will be the year the product will be delivered. Project status All of you have (hopefully) noticed that we locked down the orders. This is done mostly to