Fabled Beginnings: Cake Trouble successful

We’re thrilled to share some incredible news about our project, “Fabled Beginnings: Cake Trouble.” Thanks to your enthusiastic support, we reached our funding goal and raised over 1,000 euros! This overwhelming response has been both humbling and motivating for our team.

From the outset, our aim has been to create an immersive and enchanting tabletop adventure, and your early backing confirms that we are on the right path. We have been actively engaging with you through regular updates, and your feedback has been invaluable. Recently, we had a playtesting session at our local gaming store where we gathered a lot of useful insights. Based on this feedback, we’ve tweaked some monsters, improved puzzles, and added even more quirky elements to enhance the overall experience.

Our community has been incredibly supportive, not only in backing our project but also in spreading the word. We’ve highlighted other fantastic projects from small publishers, fostering a network of mutual support that benefits everyone involved. This collaborative spirit is something we deeply value, and it has played a significant role in our project’s success.

For those who want to stay updated on our progress, please check out our Kickstarter page where we regularly post updates and additional information.

Thank you once again for your incredible support. We are excited to continue this journey with you and have started the distribution of “Fabled Beginnings: Cake Trouble” via our BackerKit!