February update

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Last day of the month already! Almost seems like some pixies stole a few.

Spring is almost there in Sutradain! More and more fresh flower buds are appearing on the many branches of the Mother and Daughter trees. Floral decorations are an important part of seelie fashion, so everyone is elated to see the new crop growing all natural instead of having to rely on the Evaryel Botanical Gardens in the Lower City.

The last snow flake (clearly recognizable by any seelie) is always carefully caught in ever-freezing vial and brought to the Four Seasons Shrine on the Malfir as a reminder of another blessed winter. 

Chapter 8 of 12

No snow or winter fun for the party though. After narrowly surviving their encounter with the Magorak, Guwar will take them to his cabin on the edge of the Marmod swamp. 

Guwar concept by @darkestahai

There he will tell more of his people, the Free unseelie, and the continuous Magorak plot to destroy them after their rebellion. He has stolen a list of items that can either destroy Moddain, his city, or create a potent weapon against any shadow foe. If the party helps him deny the Magorak forces these items, the weapon would be theirs plus his knowledge of the Fields of Fungi and the Marmod.

One other problem; these arcane items are hard to find, but Guwar knows someone. A hag named Mamie Muckwallow might help them without immediately trying to eat them. Her hut lies in the middle of the Marmod, so the party sets forth with Guwar as a guide across the soggy grounds.

The swamp will definitely make for an interesting travel. Most of the time the party’s clothes will be partially soaked from slogging through the waters. Each time the party takes a rest on a rare dry island, a new creature rears its head, because the powerful and magical party is a true feast for most. Huge gastropods hunger for their magic (Malwod), swarms of young will-o-wisps lust after their souls, and the crazed Skincreepers will gladly flay them if they can feel warm again, even if it’s just for a few fours.

The only reprieve the party will get is the domain of the Riverchild, an ancient Washed seelie that prefers the swamp waters over the ordinary lakes and rivers. If they know how to behave in the presence of such a magnificent creature that is.

After a few harrowing days the party arrives at the hut of the hag. The smell of something cooking over a fire drifts outside of her ramshackle hut. Does it smell humanoid?

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