January update

Hi all, as the Washed seelie wake up the last stragglers from this winter’s solstice festivities with an ice-cold water spray, we are looking forward to what will be the year the product will be delivered.

Project status

All of you have (hopefully) noticed that we locked down the orders. This is done mostly to get the final numbers in for fulfilment. If you need to change your address, please contact us. We can still change the address until it’s physically in the mail.

We would also take this moment to announce some unfortunate delays. We missed some artwork deadlines and that has cascading effects on editing and formatting. Combined with printer and paper availability we expect that this pushes the delivery to June 2022. 

At the start you always hope that you’ll be one of the few Kickstarters that deliver exactly as scheduled, but alas. We’ll nevertheless provide you with any acceptable drafts we make in the meantime so that you can at least already enjoy the contents!

Chapter 7 of 12

After beating back the avatar of Gweenthrax, the house beneath crumbles into the depths under the weight of the dark powers. An exhausted Councillor Silke can only mutter an apology about a failed imprisonment ritual and the Magorak before she’s dragged into the depths as well.

The party barely escapes with their lives. After mourning Silke, the council sends them away to investigate their only lead to Gweenthrax; the Magorak. They have an old fort up on the Northmount, a snowy peak north of Sutradain. 

About halfway on this journey the party encounters two feuding races. The Gildceros (famous from our Christmas card) and the Mustelkin. These two groups of creatures have been fighting each other for decades. No one knows anymore what the initial cause was, but the conflict hasn’t lessened. They both seem to be driven by pure hatred. The party can choose to mediate in the conflict to gain some valuable insights in the Northmount plus extra provisions for on the way.

After solving (or ignoring) the epic conflict, the party starts the long trek towards the top of Northmount. Despite the council’s warnings, the party is suddenly caught in a ravenous storm on the mountain’s slopes and has to escape into the Crystal caves. There in the lush, sub-tropical climate they encounter all kinds of new creatures, such as tortoises, raving Shardbroken goblins, and a dragon’s grave. Once outside again, the storm has died down, but the apex predator of the caves has set its eyes on them. After fighting the infamous Crystalworm, the enormous Magorak fortress looms on the horizon. To be continued…