Locking down addresses!

I repeat: We’re locking the addresses. Batten down the hatches and prepare for a bumpy ride! 

What does this mean?

As the printing is nearly done and we’re moving to fulfilment, we can’t allow people to change their address anymore. You’ll receive an e-mail later today that BackerKit will lock the addresses after which you’ll have 48 hours to make the final address changes before your order becomes final and immutable.

I’m reading this update after 48 hours and 1 minute…

After this period we can still manually unlock the order and change the address, but that’ll upset the Fey and they might put spiders in your boots for a week or so.

The digital maps

Sadly we’re still working on them. We wanted to be finished, but our artist fell ill. It’s pretty serious and we might have to look for a replacement. Apologies, but we’re doing our best!

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