New preview and increased shipping costs

Hi all, some good and some bad news in this update. Let’s get the bad news out of the way.

Increased shipping costs

Unfortunately the rising gas prices have also reached the logistics chain. It’s more expensive to get the books to the UK and EU warehouses and it’s more expensive to get them into the world. In previous updates we’ve explained that the publishing industry also had to deal with a (now) more than 50% paper cost increase. As a small publisher we can’t also afford to absorb increased shipping costs. To enable us to get these books in your hands we have to charge an additional 7.50 euros for each order with a physical book pledge. These costs will affect everyone outside of the Netherlands. We apologize that we can’t offer you a better deal, but this felt like the most fair choice. We expect these costs to be charged end of April/early May. As a thank you for keeping us afloat we’re already working on something. See below!

New preview available

We’ve worked hard to create a new version of the print PDF which will soon arrive via BackerKit. For common issues with BackerKit, also see our last update. While we’ve added a lot of improvements, this version is still not perfect. 

  • We’ve noticed a large amount of space is taken up by paragraph new lines, so we’ll likely change that into tab stops.  The space that opens up will be used to expand the content for the setting and the adventure as compensation for the increase in shipping costs!
  • The headers aren’t always clear. We’ll make a larger distinction between new sections and subsections.
  • We’ll likely change the font for an even more readable version
  • We’re still working on some maps, but the labels should indicate where they’ll roughly be.
  • Not all page references might be 100% correct because we plan to overhaul things

The Corruption of Cavestar books arrived!

This was a relative easy part because the print files only needed to be adjusted for the new printer, but it’s always a happy moment when a reprint comes out how you wanted it to be.

The Corruption of Cavestar books