Our new Feywild adventure is live!

The next installment of Fabled Beginnings is live. Hopefully in 30 days we can look back at another successful Kickstarter thanks to you. Follow along with updates about locations, NPCs, and general whimsicality.


This time Fabled Beginnings will take you to the Feywild. It all starts with a lovely lunch in the forest with Lady Syringa, a fey that is renowned for her cooking. Just as desert is served, the eponymous cake, trouble strikes. A hungry bunny steals the cake and runs off. When the party follows, they accidentally cross the border into the Feywild. 
When they want to return, a border guard stops them. To return they need a Feywild passport, but of course they don’t have one. That means a trip to the Feywild Passport Office. Will the party survive Feywild bureaucracy? And you thought the DMV was crazy…