Print files and shipping fees

Hi all, a lot has happened during these last weeks that we want to share with you.

Shipping fees

Most of you have paid their fees, many thanks to you! To those where there was an issue during the credit card charge, please check your credit card information as we’ll try to charge these fees again. You will have received an e-mail with information on how to correct this. For those who have missed the e-mail this link will help you out. The next charge attempt will be on Monday.

Print files

After many versions and late nights the print files are now at the printer for prepress checks. After these are approved we can move to a test print.

That also means that we’ll be soon ready to release a PDF to you with all bells and whistles. This version will include additional subclasses, oneshots, and the ecology of Spice Dragons as some sort compensation for the higher shipping fees. 

Star Anise, a spice dragon