The truck is on its way

Hi all,

As the title says, the most important news of the month is that the books are printed and loaded into a truck and on route to us. Its perilous journey will take it across mountains, swamps, and the German autobahn. They’re expected to arrive around 1st of September, so we’ll have another update, hopefully with pictures of books this time.

The story is not finished

We’re already looking beyond this project and we’re turning towards our community to ask you what makes you excited. There’s still a lot to tell about Sutradain and the Feywild surrounding it. Let us know via what you like to see most:

1) More Spice dragons

2) More adventures in Sutradain and the Feywild (more ecologies and one-shots)

3) More magic items and class options

4) Something totally different, such as… (let us know)