A Nightmare in Sutradain Deluxe edition


Faux leather and foil etched cover for that extra luxurious feel

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Available 01-10-2022

Faux leather and foil etched cover for that extra luxurious feel. This is also available in two cover variations, the Battle and limited edition Moon cover.

Welcome to Sutradain!
Beyond the rolling blue grass hills, covered by the golden leaves of the Mother Tree lies Sutradain, the ancestral city of the seelie. The real seelie, not just the faeries that are known so well in our world. From the tall, moth-like Sky seelie soaring above the Great Trees to the aquatic Washed seelie that live in the rivers and lakes of the Feywild, they all welcome you into their home. The whole city immerses itself in splendid architecture, graffiti, music, song, and dance. You can get lost here for days in the many dance halls, theaters, and restaurants, but to you it will have only felt like a few minutes. Be careful not to get addicted to colors that you can taste, smells you can touch, and music so beautiful you feel like dying when it stops.

Does that sound like the adventure of a lifetime? Today is your blessed day adventurer! Come right up and join the tour through our grand city. Better pay attention, because it’s not gold and silver what speaks in these lands. It’s relationships and favors. Did we tell you that this tour is already a favor? Nice to meet you. And your name is?

Book Contents
This book not only includes everything you need to know about the dozens of locations in Sutradain, but also gives you an extensive adventure that takes place in and around the city. From the moment that a greenhorn party of level 3 steps through a portal into the city until the time that they confront the Wyrm of Nightmares itself at level 11, this book will take you through an ancient temple, frigid mountains, a wicked swamp, and fields infested with fungi.
You can defy the Magorak as any of the four playable seelie races or fight the nightmare with one of the five new subclasses. Combine that with lovely but spicy dragons and a host of seelie-themed magic items, and you’re all set for a feytastic time.

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Battle cover, Moon cover