Fabled Battles and Warfare PDF


How to run a pitched battle the cinematic way in only 52 pages of digital paper



Glorious battle awaits!

You’ve seen it in countless movies. Heroic armies charging towards each other, heroes scaling the walls of an enemy-infested city while arrows rain down upon them, or a party finally breaking through the barbican and facing down the bad guy in their keep.

If you want to relive these scenes at your table without reading hundreds of pages of boring rules, we got you covered! Whether you’re a beginner or advanced GM, with Fabled Battles and Warfare our tips and tricks will get you up and running in no time!

This compendium contains everything from simple rules for pitched battles and besieging cities to a tense skill-based system for sneaky reconnaissance and sabotage. Want your characters as commanders on the battlefield? Use the tables and tools within to do it with ease!
Want to use ships instead of armies? No problem!
Each system is compatible with almost any D20 system and comes with an example playthrough.

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