We did it!

Fabled Beginnings: Mechanical Mayhem is our fourth successful Kickstarter, but each time it’s a hit of adrenaline! Time to celebrate together that soon everyone here can dive into the astral sea on their own adventure. So what’s next?

Mechanical Mayhem has launched

First project of 2024 is a go! Learn more at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/faegames/fabled-beginnings-mechanical-mayhem Bored of having your players meet in an inn? Tired of having them beat up kobolds and goblins until level 3? If only sending them to hell and back wouldn’t kill them… Why keep interplanar travel only for high level adventures? Fabled Beginnings is

Fabled Battles and Warfare is now on sale

The long wait is over. Everyone can now get their hands on a copy of our latest product. To celebrate its release it will be on sale throughout December! Buy the PDF here or go for a hardcover here. You’ve seen it in countless movies. Heroic armies charging towards each other, heroes scaling the walls

Just Launched: Fabled Battles & Warfare!

Hi all, We’re excited to announce that FAE Games just launched a new Kickstarter: Fabled Battles & Warfare. If you like to crush your enemies on the battlefield, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women, check out this war manual for D&D & Pathfinder. See you on the battlefield, Stephan

Diceron Ecology

A new product is available on Ko-fi: the Diceron Ecology. For eons the Diceron were a peaceful race of polyhedral creatures that lived between the Scrapyard and the Clockwork Fields. Their job in the Great Automation is to test the metal in the Scrapyard and to prepare it so that the machines can create other

Wizard School of the Shadowfell

This month’s class is something special. A wizard that doesn’t damage their enemies by fire or ice, but something more sinister. They control shadow magic that will eat away at the very existence of their enemy’s soul, making them slowly lose the will to fight. If you like it, please support us on our Ko-fi

Bardic College of the Skysinger

It’s time for another spotlight on the bard. This class has its roots in the earliest days of Sutradain and the feywild, from when the gods were young and sang songs with the seelie. If you like it, please support us on our Ko-fi (https://ko-fi.com/post/Bardic-College-of-the-Skysinger-M4M5IL98X)

Warlock Pact of the Hag

Give it up for our new D&D 5E subclass. The Feywild is a dangerous place and it might be tempting to ask a friendly hag for help. Proceed at your own risk! You can find it on our Ko-fi (https://ko-fi.com/post/Warlock-Pact-of-the-Hag-J3J8HVYCL).