Diceron Ecology

A new product is available on Ko-fi: the Diceron Ecology. For eons the Diceron were a peaceful race of polyhedral creatures that lived between the Scrapyard and the Clockwork Fields. Their job in the Great Automation is to test the metal in the Scrapyard and to prepare it so that the machines can create other

Wizard School of the Shadowfell

This month’s class is something special. A wizard that doesn’t damage their enemies by fire or ice, but something more sinister. They control shadow magic that will eat away at the very existence of their enemy’s soul, making them slowly lose the will to fight. If you like it, please support us on our Ko-fi

Bardic College of the Skysinger

It’s time for another spotlight on the bard. This class has its roots in the earliest days of Sutradain and the feywild, from when the gods were young and sang songs with the seelie. If you like it, please support us on our Ko-fi (https://ko-fi.com/post/Bardic-College-of-the-Skysinger-M4M5IL98X)

Warlock Pact of the Hag

Give it up for our new D&D 5E subclass. The Feywild is a dangerous place and it might be tempting to ask a friendly hag for help. Proceed at your own risk! You can find it on our Ko-fi (https://ko-fi.com/post/Warlock-Pact-of-the-Hag-J3J8HVYCL).

The Bardic college of Theater

We’ve just released a new subclass on Ko-fi. The Bardic college of Theater! This new and exciting class gives you the option to react to anything that happens on the battlefield through your mastery of improv theater. Check it out via https://ko-fi.com/post/Bardic-College-of-Theater-X8X4H316N.

Spooky discounts in our shop

It wouldn’t be Halloween with our own Nightmare in Sutradain. That’s why we’re giving a 10% discount on everything you need to play the adventure with terrifying dragon Gweenthrax this weekend. Use the code NIGHTMARE at the checkout. Valid until the 1st of November.

Our new webshop is open!

In celebration of the opening of our new webshop we’ll also give a 10% discount on any purchase made until 16-9-2022 23:59. Use the code OPENING22 at the checkout. Thank you for being our valued customer.

The truck is on its way

Hi all, As the title says, the most important news of the month is that the books are printed and loaded into a truck and on route to us. Its perilous journey will take it across mountains, swamps, and the German autobahn. They’re expected to arrive around 1st of September, so we’ll have another update,

Locking down addresses!

I repeat: We’re locking the addresses. Batten down the hatches and prepare for a bumpy ride!  What does this mean? As the printing is nearly done and we’re moving to fulfilment, we can’t allow people to change their address anymore. You’ll receive an e-mail later today that BackerKit will lock the addresses after which you’ll

PDFs are here!

Hi all, good news; the PDFs are available for download. The mail about your new digital content from BackerKit should be waiting in your inboxes right… now! As promised we added additional content to the book. You can now check out the additional subclasses, oneshots, and the ecology of Spice Dragons. Print files We’re waiting